Los Cabos is paradise, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, offering amazing activities for everyone: outdoor activities, fascinating golf courses, amazing restaurants from local to upscale dinning, a variety of luxury spas, beautiful resorts, incredible art and music festivals and a vivid night life.


Treat yourself to daily walks, yoga or meditation sessions on the beach or in the privacy of your home, experience the thrill of adventure with hiking and biking trails, organize pickleball or tennis matches with family and friends or simply enjoy sunbathing and nature at its best.


Visit magical towns such as Todos Santos which is filled with great artisans, friendly locals, mouthwatering choices of restaurants,  wonderful jewelry and the famous Hotel California.

Be part of the fishing and golf tournaments Los Cabos is known for.

Enjoy the art galleries in San Jose del Cabo, film festivals in Cabo San Lucas among many local events that are constantly organized.


Explore Parque Marino de Cabo Pulmo among many other nature parks, swim in 19 beaches designated blue zone beaches or simply enjoy relaxing while sunbathing with a Margarita in your hand.


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